About Me

The truth is that it's always easier to blame something or someone else for our problems than to confront our own insecurities. For a while I was unhappy with my life and I was not ready to see that I had the power to change that. I was looking to find happiness OUTSIDE of myself, not realizing that nothing outside of me could fill the void I felt inside.

In the words of Oscar Wilde: "to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance."  Once I found out I had been living my life all wrong I began trying to discover myself. The process has not been smooth and painless.. on the contrary, it has been full of roadblocks and dark twists. I've spent a lot of time in solitude to try to calm my thoughts and learn the art of self control. It has not been easy, but it's definitely been worth it.

I'm not going to go into great detail telling you about all of the hardships I've been through because I've never liked adopting a "victim" approach towards life. We all have dealt with pain in one way or another. Everyone has a hidden wound in their heart that they desperately try to heal. No one can truly know the suffering and struggles of another even when they take time to listen to their story. I just want you all to know that even though my life has not always been easy I honestly treasure and value all of my experiences.

Since the pursuit of self-development is a perpetual effort. I want to use this blog to share ideas, quotes, stories, that have helped my personal growth. I also want to use this blog to hopefully amuse, entertain, or enlighten someone with my rants about life, love, people, and any other random idea that comes up in my weird little brain.

One of my good friends once told me "I think life is about letting go..." It may seem simplistic but this statement holds a lot of wisdom and truth. Most of the time we hold on to our pain for far too long. I think life is really about letting go of the negative thoughts/feelings/actions/company and allowing only peace and love to surround you.

So often we limit ourselves with our institutionalized beliefs and prejudiced notions. We learn only what we've been "trained" to learn. We do only the things that fall inside of our comfort zone because we're afraid to break our own boundaries. We fail to see and understand that miracles and revelations happen daily...

You should know that, at any given moment, the Universe may be trying to tell you something, but sometimes you need to silence your mind and take the time to listen... 

Learn Truth, Embrace Wisdom, Feel Love..
Be Happy.