Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ongoing goal: Be a good dancer

I love to dance.. I think I've enjoyed dancing ever since I was able to get on my two feet and shake my body to a lively tune. When I was little my mom made me take ballet first. Since I was a distracted free spirit  I did not enjoy this strict form of dance. So then my mother decided that maybe flamenco would be good... and although I did enjoy it more I did not have the discipline nor the stability in my life to take it seriously.

Every time I dance I feel freedom on a heightened level which I am not able to replicate with any other experience. Therefore, this year I decided to finally stop ignoring my passion and start dedicating myself to one of my ongoing life goals.

I have found a dance studio near my house which is very affordable. The instructors are all amazing and the girls that dance there all seem to have the same desire to reconnect with their talent. For now I am going to be studying belly dance, flamenco, and chair-dance choreography. Hopefully by this time next year I will be able to be on an advanced level where I can perform and teach others. We'll see..

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