Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Life is really not as complicated as we make it...
Sometimes we incessantly complain about being stuck in an uncomfortable place, situation, relationship, job...

"WAAAAHHH! my job sucks major hairy sweaty old balls.. I am too smart for this POS job and my boss is a dbag with the IQ of an ant who doesn't appreciate me... yet I make no effort to try to look for another job or advance my education so I can go up to my asshole coworkers and be like: PEACE OUT BItCHAS!! Oh the world is sooo UNFAIR.. ::sob sob::"

"WAAAHHH!!!! my girlfriend/boyfriend is a selfish bitch/bastard.. I don't think he/she loves me anymore yet I will stay with him/her and kiss the ground he/she walks on.. who knows.. maybe I can get him/her to love me someday.. or maybe I'm just a self-loathing masochist who likes being in a shitty relationship.. 'til I figure it out I will stay in this doomed relationship and waste precious years of my life I could have otherwise used trying to get to know myself and making better priorities..."

"WAAAHHH!! I have no good friends.. The people I hang out with only use me for my money/looks/talent.. If tomorrow I were to lose this they would all leave me and I'd be completely alone.. I have not taken the time to nurture love and genuine friendships in my life but who cares? I'm so rich/beautiful/talented that I am entitled to have everything I want! Why doesn't the universe provide me with naturally awesome people who will love me for me!? (whoever that is...)"

If you're suddenly confronted with any of these situations or you're blowing a simple problem completely out of proportion I'm about to reveal a very important set of steps which will be able to solve most of your petty little problems.. are you ready.. ?

FIRST... Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me: "Starting today I will man the eff up and stop thinking that the world owes me happiness and love.." In the words of Mark Twain: "the world doesn't owe you anything.. it was here first".
SECOND... Start taking responsibility for your life. Yeah.. sometimes shitty things happen that are out of our control but most of the time we get ourselves knee-deep in doo-doo because we keep making one bad decision after another and not holding ourselves accountable for our actions. So STOP... and think: hmmm did I do ANYTHING that could have contributed to me being stuck in this craphole? If the answer is yes/maybe.. then..
THIRD.... STOP bitching please! And realize that you have the power to change your life for the better. If you take all the energy you use to whine to actually get off your ass and decide to change things then I guarantee that you WILL get out of that crappy situation faster than you can sneeze.

Now I'm not saying I don't get a case of whiny-bitch-itis  from time to time.. Yeah sometimes it feels good to vent, make a pouty face, and whine like a 5-year old. It's always a hundred times easier to blame someone else for our problems and to think that the world is against you and that life is totally unfair. However, if you constantly make yourself the victim your are cheating yourself and taking away your own power to learn, grow, and move on...

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