Monday, October 31, 2011

My take on: LOVE

I don't believe in love at first sight.. (let's get real.. Romeo and Juliet were rich, spoiled, and hormonal teenagers who did not put much thought into their "how are we gonna get laid" plan.. that story was all lust and foolishness and Shakespeare must have been smoking some good hookah when he wrote that isht..)

I don't believe that a relationship where "opposites attract" has any long term potential... eventually for love to work your paths and life goals have to be somewhat aligned.. You may have great physical chemistry with someone that doesn't share ANY of your values but at the end of the day you can't establish a meaningful and lasting bond with that person.

I don't think love should "endure all" and "forgive all".. Pleaseee... STFU with that bullisht... if someone consistently disrespects you and/or takes you for granted you should tell that yucker to get the heck out of your life.. You have to love yourself FIRST and not let anyone EVER take away your happiness.

Having said all that...

I do believe that it's possible to find someone with whom you can grow old and wrinkly with and who will value you beyond your physical attributes...someone who will be genuine, respectful, honest, loving, caring.. Kinda like how Nicholas Sparks narrates it in "The Notebook" (I'm talking about the book.. NOT the movie.. the movie sucked major hairy balls)..

Even though the cynic in me sometimes tells me "how the fuh can you STILL be so naive!??" I refuse to give up. Call me a foolish optimist or perhaps just a fool but I think if you give in to your cynical ways and give up in finding love.. then love will never find you.

I think most of us have had our heart broken at one point or another.. (if you haven't gone through heartbreak by now then, lucky you.. I hope you never have to experience that excruciating pain which feels as though someone has poured acid down your throat and ripped out your intestines..) However, just because it didn't work out with one, two, five, or maybe ten people.. that doesn't mean you're doomed to die alone and become a cat lady/dude. Yeah it sucks to spend time and effort in a relationship and still see it crumble down but for the sake of your spiritual and mental well-being you should start looking at each failed relationship as a valuable learning experience. That way, you don't feel as though it was a total waste of time and you can avoid harboring resentment in your heart and/or adopting the "poor me" victim mentality.

Everyone wants to be loved.. We all want to find that "special someone" who will whisper beautiful things in our ears, sweep us off our feet, carry us into the sunset and give us multiple orgasms... Yes, love is great and  wonderful but why should we expect for another person to make us happy? Why can't we learn to be happy on our own? It is totally unrealistic to think that once you fall in love the other person's ultimate goal in life should be to make/keep you happy.

So let's get real...

I think love is about finding someone with whom you can be yourself with. It's about caring and doing nice things for each other without keeping tabs. It's learning to understand and trust each other. It's knowing you can count on the other person to be there and offer you their support when life throws you a curve-ball. Love is about building a future together little by little.. without setting up unrealistic expectations beforehand. It's not about possessing the other, or limiting the other person's freedom. It's about exploring your boundaries together and learning to expand them (hence the phrase "love gives your heart wings")... Love is empowering and inspires spiritual growth.. It really is more than it's cracked up to be...

So that's my take on love.. I'm done ranting about this for now.. Besoss to all!

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