Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What are dreams made of?

I keep having all of these weird dreams...

Last night I had a dream I met up with a gypsy and she wanted to read my hand/palm and tell me my fortune (yeah I know.. my subconscious comes up with very original stuff..) The dialogue between me and her went something like this:

Dream Gypsy: Oh... you never show what you want or what you really need.. that's not good.. Also, I see you care for too many people but not all of them care for you...
Me: Okayy... that's nice, now tell me something I DON'T know... something a bit less depressing please..
Dream Gypsy: Oh.. you're going to have LOTS of kids!!
Me: What?
Dream Gypsy: Many kids!!
Me: Uhh.. so when you say many you mean.. two kids right?
Dream Gypsy: Oh no! many more!
Me: You lie!!
Dream Gypsy: How dare you! I never lie! You'll have many kids and sing them this song: ::dream gypsy starts singing a Cuban nursery song I hadn't heard since I was about 4 years old::

I'm usually very good at remembering my dreams.. I think some of them are amusing, others warn me of things to come, and others are just plain weird and scary. For a while I was having vivid dreams pretty consistently. Those were my favorite... Imagine living with NO FEAR.. That's what a vivid dream feels like. You experience everything with excitement and awe without having any preconceived expectations. Whenever I had a vivid dream I gave up all sense of control and was happy to just let things happen.

I believe some dreams are useful at making us confront our hidden desires and emotions. These types of  dreams can show us what area of our lives we're currently stressing about. Then it's up to us to deal with that situation in real life or continue suppressing it...
Then there are dreams like the one I had last night... absolutely ridiculous and hilarious.. but still useful nonetheless. It helped me to laugh at myself and realize that sometimes too much of a good thing makes that thing not sound so good anymore...

I am thankful for all of my dreams... I'm so used to remembering them that if some day I had to live without them, I feel like my nights would be more dull than sitting at the DMV waiting for a license renewal...

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