Sunday, July 17, 2011

Don't let your pain be your guide..

There are times when we seem to trick ourselves into believing that everything is "all right" but in reality we're just putting on a mask to hide our misery. We suppress our feelings, try to hide from ourselves, and refuse to acknowledge that we're hurt...

And then when we least expect it we start feeling the emptiness in our hearts. Negativity starts to take over our minds and we start spiraling down into a mild state of depression. Fear starts creeping in, clouding all of our thoughts...

I love the quote that says "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional" because it reminds me that even though we sometimes can't escape adverse situations we can control our subsequent reactions. I've written this post in order to share the steps I usually take to get out of a really "bad funk" (a.k.a. negative state of mind). 

When things start looking dim and life doesn't seem to go your way here's what I recommend you do to brighten up your day... 

Take time to appreciate the small things... Stop your mental chatter for a second and look around you. Go outside, take a short walk and marvel at the beauty of nature. Look at the trees, the birds, the sky.. Feel the breeze in your face.. Take it all in and allow yourself to be a part of the miracle of life. Whatever you're going through shall pass. The Universe goes on in spite of our petty problems and worries.. So let your pain go and accept things as they are... Don't let your emotions cripple your outlook.

Become more spiritual. People that don't believe in a Higher Being and that think that there's nothing more to life than what we can readily see/hear/touch/experience are seriously limiting their personal growth. I believe the ultimate purpose of most spiritual practices is to nurture hope, emotional strength, and compassion. Trying to understand all of the mysteries of life without developing our spirituality seems a daunting and overwhelming task. There are always  questions that will be left unanswered.. there are situations we are just not going to be able to understand (no matter how hard we try).. Therefore, I believe that nurturing our spiritual side is crucial in order to remain positive and keep bitterness and resentment out of our hearts. 

Stop focusing on the negative. When something bad happens, we usually dwell on the negative effects of our misfortune for far too long. Instead of adopting a "victim" mentality I think we should always choose a "victor" mindset. Be grateful for the good things that are still present in your life. Think that you will come out stronger and wiser from this. Adding more negativity to your adversities is like adding dirt to an open wound... it will only make things worse.

During difficult times it's important to stay aware of your thoughts so that your mental stream doesn't poison your heart. As much as we like the illusion of stability and control we should learn and accept that everything in life is impermanent. Change is inevitable, and when it happens we must know how to adjust our life accordingly and establish some new goals. You should never suppress your pain, but you also shouldn't allow it to be the prevailing force that guides you. Assess your situation, accept the impermanent nature of your experiences and soon you'll be able to recognize the valuable lessons the Universe wants to reveal..


  1. What a positive outlook in life! Little by little, I'm trying to apply these principles in my life. I try not to let the pain and the hurt get into me.