Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love - AMAZING!

Last Sunday I decided to finally give in and see the movie Eat Pray Love. For a while I had been waiting to see it because I wanted to read the book first. However, given my previous disappointments watching book-to-movie adaptations I decided to switch the process this time around.

Disclaimer: I absolutely LOVE Julia Roberts in every film she's ever starred in.. so my opinion might be a bit biased...

Honestly though, this movie is great for women of all ages (and no, I will not categorize it as a "chick-flick" because those films usually portray shallow and unrealistic depictions of life). Now, I know many people probably think: "Are you kidding me? This movie is incredibly out of touch with reality! What woman can just take off, leave all of her responsibilities, and just go travel all over the world! Heck if I could travel all over the world to 'find myself' I'd be happy too!" Now, for those of you that may think this way, I regret to inform you that you're missing the big picture here. Yes, traveling is awesome. Yes, not all of us can afford to live in three different countries in a year. But it is feasible for all of us to embark on a spiritual journey to try to figure out what our lives should really be about. We have a responsibility to constantly improve our experience here on earth for ourselves and for others. And THAT is what I think this movie is about and why I think it is abso-freaking-lutely amazing.

I know this is going to sound incredibly cliché but I'm going to say it anyways: this movie spoke to me... In one part of the movie I seriously immersed myself in this scene and instead of Liz and Richard I saw God and I having the following dialogue:

God: I know you feel awful but your life's changing, that's not a bad thing... and you're in a good place for it, surrounded by Grace
Me: I thought I was over him but I love him
God: Big deal, so you fell in love with someone
Me: I really miss him
God: So miss him! Send him some light and love every time you think of him and drop it.You know if you could clear out all that space in your mind that you're using to obsess over this guy there'd be a vacuum with a doorway.. and you know what the universe would do with that doorway?
WOOSH! Rush in! Fill you with more love that you have dreamed of.. I think you have the capacity someday to love the whole world

That part just left me breathless. I had to pause, remember how to breath, exhale.. inhale, and then remind myself not to hold my breath again for so long..

I think every woman can see a bit of herself in the main character, Liz. I can't speak for everyone but I could definitely see part of my story reflected in this film.
Initial problem: Woman in a loveless relationship feels empty and lost but does not break it off because of guilt (of hurting the other person's feelings) and inconvenience (it's easier to conform to the status quo).
Bigger problem: Woman finally gets the courage to break it off and quickly moves into a rebound relationship with a guy that is the complete opposite from the previous guy she was with (a free-spirit type of dude that does not limit her individuality and just lets things be). This ultimately causes more heartbreak because she becomes emotionally dependent on this new person
Solution: She realizes that she is responsible for her own happiness and that she cannot expect a relationship to make her feel whole.

Eat Pray Love in a nutshell:  only you are responsible for your own happiness. In the same way, you are responsible for your misery. Forgive and let go. Find out what makes you happy and follow your dreams.

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  1. Can't even begin to express how much I relate to this post... and I wont either, because I know that you already know. Great analysis! Just watched this movie last night and finished it this morning :)