Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Morning - Beginning the Happiness Quest

I literally dream too much.. When I sleep I have intense, vivid dreams. In the morning I either wake up with a strong emotion associated with the last dream I had or with a song/tune in my head that would be a good soundtrack in the story of my life.
This morning I was woken up by an AT&T technician that came to fix my Internet connection. My lovely antisocial dog kept barking nonstop.... WOOF WOOF.. WOOOOOOOOOOF!!! (where's the mute button for this furry little thing? lol)
After my Internet was fixed I opened the Paint program in my computer and came up with this lovely masterpiece:

I've never thought that MONEY=HAPPINESS but I've met so many people with this erroneous way of thinking that I was inspired to contradict their notions through a highly artistic and intellectual medium: stick-figure cartoons.

I wish I knew how to permanently set my mind on happy mode.. do you think you know how? (please shoot me an email/post if you think you got it figured out). I've gotten glimpses of love and happiness, of course.... but I've noticed that us people are usually trying to fill our inner voids with superficial and impermanent things. We compete against each other and when we win we celebrate and are content with life for about 2 minutes.. Then we go back to being dissatisfied and start the competition all over again...

It's not about having more, it's not about acquiring things or possessing people.. Life is not about what we think it's about.. We were taught wrong.. I've realized this, and now I want to change things and I want to learn. I want to stop feeling like hamster running on a squeaky old wheel.
Starting now, this is my ongoing quest:

Learn Truth, Embrace Wisdom, Feel Love..
Be Happy.

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